Yours, Mine & Theirs; High Stakes Portraiture

Yours, Mine & Theirs is a unique exhibition of portraiture, which will be on display at Summit Artspace Gallery June 28 through August 2. The portrait creators are not only talented artists, but also high school art teachers, who have traveled to one another’s schools to find their subjects. They are Patrick Dougherty from Akron’s Buchtel High School, Sean M. Berrodin of Mantua’s Crestwood High School, John Smolko of Aurora High School and Steve Csejtey of Akron’s Firestone High School.

Dougherty, who proposed the portrait show, liked the challenge of the artists working with students they did not know. “All of us have used students in our own schools as subjects,” he said. “But the questions was will the artist’s familiarity with the students, or lack thereof, affect how they are portrayed?”

Dougherty, Smolko and Berrodin did drawings and paintings of the students. Csejtey did photographic groupings in which he stacks the different parts of student models, for example head shots over chests and chests over hands. Sometimes the groupings area single student, other times he mixes different students into a single piece.

The public is invited to a meet-the-artists reception Friday, June 27 from 5-7 pm. Summit Artspace is a project of the Akron Area Arts Alliance in cooperation with Summit County government. The gallery is located at 140 E. Market Street in a historic, art deco building one block east of the Akron Art Museum. Admission and parking are free. Exhibition hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday noon to 5 pm.


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