The Human Element

The Human Element Featured at Summit Artspace January 21-February 26

The 11 artists featured in the new Summit Artspace Gallery show titled The Human Element refer to themselves as “The Gathering” because they periodically get together to eat, drink and make art. The group is made up of college art professors, public school art teachers, people with fine art degrees and those who show and publish their work professionally.

“The idea is to create a sense of community,” said show curator Mike Hovancsek. “This setting allows us to make art, socialize and share resources in a supportive environment.”

Hovancsek said it is wonderful that even with members sitting in the same room and looking at the same subject, they tend to develop radically different art.  “The fun is looking around and seeing the wide array of styles, formats and approaches members use to depict the same subject,” he said.

The public is invited to meet “The Gathering” at a free opening reception Friday, January 21 from 5 to 7 pm.  The artists are Cheryl Townsend from Stow, Jan Noden from Ravenna, Laura Buck Balliet from Cuyahoga Falls, Missy O’Hara from Akron and Joe Culley, Stefanie Workman, Gingr [sic] Vaughan, Cheril Walker, Brad Bolton, Cheryl Green and Hovancsek from Kent.

The Human Element exhibition features a variety of artistic interpretations of the human form, including portraits, figurative art, gestural sketches and biomorphic art in a wide array of media — painting, drawing, photography, textiles, mixed media and ceramics.

Hovancsek challenged the group to unearth earlier pieces and to create entirely new pieces that depict the human form in interesting ways.  Some artists took this literally, for example producing nude portraits, while others worked conceptually focusing on bone or blood.  “All roads in this show lead back to the human body in one way or another,” Hovancsek said.


Free Summit Artspace Events
Meet-the-Artists Reception
Friday, January 21, 5 pm-7 pm

Digital Collages Demo with Gingr Vaughan
Saturday, January 22, 1 pm-3 pm

Squarely Human Workshop with Joe Culley
Saturday, February 5, 1 pm-3 pm

Saturday, February 5, 5 pm-9 pm

Sunday Sampler
Sunday, February 6, 12 pm-5 pm


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