Streetscapes 2014: Akron in Plein Air

2014 Streetscapes: Akron in Plein Air Artists Recognized at Awards Reception

The Akron Area Arts Alliance is pleased to announce the awards for local artists who participated in this year’s 2014 Streetscapes: Akron in Plein Air. There were a total of 23 regional artists who participated in the urban plein air paint-out who submitted a total of 48 works for the show. Local painter and designer Brian Shellito has coordinated this competition for four years and each year it has grown in scope. The exhibition opens July 5th and continues through August 16th at Summit Artspace Gallery.

The sponsor of this year’s exhibition is the Greater Akron Chamber. The exhibition will be held at Summit Artspace until August 16th and then travel to the downtown offices of the Greater Akron Chamber. Dan Colantone, President & CEO of the Greater Akron Chamber stated, “The Chamber is pleased to partner with the Akron Area Arts Alliance to promote the exhibition project and the arts which are so important to the quality of life in our community, and we are looking forward to having the show extended in our offices through the fall.”

The awards juror for this year’s competition was Cleveland artist and designer, Laurence Channing represented by The Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland. He has received Ohio Arts Council Fellowships in 1990, 1998 and 2003 and the prestigious Cleveland Arts Prize in 2000. His juror statement included the following, “Born of a technical revolution in art in the 19th century, plein air painting has become a durable tradition largely immune from Modernism’s creative destruction. It seems likely to remain fresh forever for those indifferent to the Art Basel Miami sweepstakes, interested primarily in self-expression and a personal response to nature. Spirits have more resilience than rubber, and the works in this exhibition express a vibrant urbanity.”

En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air” and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, which is also called peinture su le motif (“painting on the ground”). It can also be used to describe other activities where a person partakes in an outdoor environment.

Plein air painting is experiencing a revival around the country and the world. The challenge of capturing the landscape and city streets in a specified time and competitive format for prizes is becoming popular with artists in Ohio and beyond. Plein air painting has traditionally taken place in naturalistic landscapes, but more and more competitions are being held in urban environments.

1st Place-“Three Days in June” by Thomas Bagiackas
2nd Place-“Akron Art Museum I” by Ann Emmitt
3rd Place-“City Birds” by Julie Holman

Honorable Mentions
“Self-Portrait” by Larry Churski
“Electric Tattoo” by Michele Knapper
“Industrial Revolution” by Susan Cone Porges
“Day’s Knight” by Tiffany Southall


Show card artwork by Julie Holman




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