Dustin Arthur Grella

Conceptual Artist Featured in New Summit Artspace Show

Dustin Arthur Grella, 36, is an artist, writer and traveler interested in developing his own artifacts that explore the human experience. In its first one-man show, Summit Artspace will present this artist’s poetry, stories, ideas and observations through his chalkboard drawings, animations, letters sent to himself and books displayed in handsome handcrafted boxes titled Quadrangular Chronicles.

The chalkboard drawings are on large, 100-pound pieces of slate, a feat to work with for any artist, but especially for Grella who is confined to a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury sustained at a Grateful Dead concert in 1995.  Notes to Self, an installation piece, includes daily letters that the artist sent to himself documenting his solo, 15,000 mile overland trip from his hometown Medina to the Panama Canal in 2005.

“Although being in a wheelchair is an integral part of my life, it isn’t what my art is all about,” Grella said.  “The accident did give me a greater appreciation for the life that I am living.”

Summit Artspace workshops for all ages:
Handmade Valentine Cards with Christine Giustino
Saturday, February 10, 1 pm-3 pm $6

Animation Workshop with Dustin Grella
Saturday, February 24, 1 pm-3 pm



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