37 Days Ephemeral Sculpture

Ephemeral Sculpture Exhibit to Open at Summit Artspace Gallery

Summit Artspace Gallery is set to open its next exhibit on September 28 titled 37 Days Ephemeral Sculpture curated by local sculpture Don Parsisson. Fifteen artists have come together to create a unique show that encompasses the concept of ephemeral sculpture.

Ephemeral by definition means exsisting only breifly. Ephemeral sculpture is intended to have a short life span; in this case the duration of this exhibit. The pieces in this show are temporary in nature; some being created specifically for this gallery space, others self-destructing over the 37 days of the exhibit and others never to be assembled or exhibited again.

“I wanted to do a show that moves beyond traditional “pedestal pieces’,” says Parsisson. “In the last century artists began including ephemeral materials such as newspapers, tickets and hand-written notes into their work. Gradually this type of material began to take over the artwork until some artists began to work exculsively with ephemera. The pieces in this show challenged the artists, many of whom normally create work with a long life expectancy. I expect the show will also challenge viewers who are used to the idea that artworks are created to last.”



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