A Closer Look

Our first A Closer Look has passed. Stay tuned for more information about out November 2017 program!

If you are a program alum, click here for resources from the June 2017 program. 

Check out photos from our inaugural A Closer Look program!

Artists have a role to play in their communities that reaches far beyond their medium or discipline.

These four workshops, which can be taken individually or as a whole, will speak to how artists can value their work and themselves as civic and business leaders, and how to tell the story of that value to others in the community.

The course will be led by nationally-recognized artists and entrepreneurs such as Don and Lisa Drumm and John Michael Schert of Boise, Idaho.

This practical intensive for established artist-entrepreneurs, AEI alumni, and civic and business leaders interested in a creative approach to growth gives you a chance to dig deeper into selected topics. Whether you can join us for just one or for all four days, we are excited to provide you with top-notch workshops by area business and arts leaders.

Over the four days, participants will learn:

  • how to value their work and time through workshops on pricing and operational finances
  • how to build ventures that capitalize on that value through an intensive on strategic business planning
  • how to connect with the range of local entrepreneurship resources and spaces
  • how the creative process is an untapped social value and how artists can be civic leaders outside the imagined barriers of their media and disciplines in a keynote speech by John Michael Schert, nationally-recognized artist, producer, and social entrepreneur
  • how to convey the narrative of their value in concluding workshops on storytelling and social media marketing.

If you are an artist with prior experience in business planning, financials, marketing, or microbusiness operations, you are welcome to join us for 1-4 days of A Closer Look. If not, please join us in July for our full course. Please contact julie@summitartspace.org if you have questions about qualifying for the course.


Don and Lisa Drumm, Don Drumm Studios & Gallery

John Michael Schert, Trey McIntyre Project

Amy Mothersbaugh, Studio 2091 and Akron Soul Train

Keeven White, WhiteSpace Creative

Shon Christy, Focal Point Social Media Marketing

Tess Burgler, Ohio Shakespeare Festival

Jim Griggy, Small Business Development Center

Linda Hale, Microbusiness Center, Akron Library

Dane Leasure, Rubber City Shakespeare

And more!


Day 1: Monday, June 19

5-5:30: Introduction and Overview

5:30-7: Pricing 2.0 for Visual Artists / for Performing Artists

7-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9: Tax Compliance and Record Keeping

Day 2: Tuesday, June 20

5-6:30: Business Plan Intensive

6:30-7: Dinner

7-7:50: My Perspective: Amy Mothersbaugh on Creative, Strategic Planning

8-9: Peer Review

Day 3: Monday, June 26

5-5:30: Microbusiness Center Tour and Work Session (meet at Main Library)

5:30-5:50: Local Entrepreneurship Resources

5:50-6:15: IP and Patent Search Tools

6:15-6:30: Travel to WhiteSpace Creative

6:30-45: Brown Bag Dinner

6:45-7: Tour of WhiteSpace Creative

7-8:15: The Role of the Artist as a Civic Leader

8:15-9: Microbrew Happy Hour

Day 4: Tuesday, June 27

5-6:30: Telling Your Story: The Artist as Hero

6:30-7: Dinner

7-8:30: Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

8:30-9: Individual Action Planning