AEI: A Closer Look

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Artists have a role to play in their communities that reaches far beyond their medium or discipline.

AEI: A Closer Look offers AEI alumni the chance to expand on the topics that are part of the full course. These workshops, which can be taken individually or as a whole, will speak to how artists can value their work and themselves as civic and business leaders, and how to tell the story of that value to others in the community. Our thanks to the Burton D. Morgan Foundation for its continued support of AEI at Summit Artspace.

This practical intensive for established artist-entrepreneurs, AEI alumni, and civic and business leaders interested in a creative approach to growth gives you a chance to dig deeper into selected topics. Whether you can join us for just one or for all four days, we are excited to provide you with top-notch workshops by area business and arts leaders.

Over the course, participants will learn:

  • how to value their work and time through workshops on pricing and operational finances
  • how to build ventures that capitalize on that value through an intensive on strategic business planning
  • how to connect with the range of local entrepreneurship resources and spaces
  • how the creative process is an untapped social value and how artists can be civic leaders outside the imagined barriers of their media and disciplines
  • how to convey the narrative of their value in concluding workshops on storytelling and social media marketing.